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Some Amazing Blogs

Here are some blogs/newsletters which I thoroughly enjoy reading.

  • Tim Urban's Wait But Why is an all-time favourite. The stupid illustrations explain various topics, including history, science and occasionally some very useful life advice.
  • I discovered Shane Parrish's Farnam Street much later than I should have, but the content is, hands down, amazing. It covers a lot on thinking and reading well, and the lessons learnt are applicable everywhere.
  • Finshots is my go-to source for chugging interesting happenings in the world of business and finance — in India and beyond.
  • The Ken would be the only paid resource in this list, but the quality of journalism is what the country needs.
  • I've recently subscribed to The Boring News and their headlines seem to be much more promising than those heavily biased news channels out there (you know what they'd say before they even begin to say it!).
  • The list is incomplete without the demigod Mark Manson, whose work has helped me in more than one ways. The profanity in his language and fun examples make heavy-duty philosophy tidbits fun and authentic.
  • Derek Sivers is an amazing human being, and his work revolves around subtraction and simplicity, much needed in a world of noise and clutter.
  • Naval Ravikant's blog might be too heavy to digest at times, but a 3-min read can make you ponder for hours at times.
  • I also like to read College Info Geek's posts; it helped me a lot with building certain skills. I don't read them as often now, but they offer some amazing collection of resources and tips for anything you might end up doing as a student.

Specific to Product Management:

  • Stratechery by Ben Thompson is an excellent resource to understand the business fundamentals of big companies and the emerging trends in the tech space.
  • Ben Evans's blog is also very insightful for the same reasons as the other Ben on this list.
  • Ken Norton's blog which I recently found, and it offers some excellent career advice for PMs (apparently it's one of the foremost and popular PM blogs ever).
  • Product Lessons by Linda Zhang is a newsletter offering practical career advice. Goes very well with Shreyas Doshi's Twitter Threads.

I used to follow some other blogs too, but they grew on me after some time, and I "graduated" from what they had to share. I feel free to unsubscribe to the blogs I don't read as often to cut down on the noise I'm always trying to evade (but inevitably can't). I would hate to admit this, but I can't get to read everything I've subscribed to. But as they say, something is better than nothing.

I mostly read them for fun, and they give a fresh perspective of looking at the things I do every day. Reading good stuff about Product Management doesn't make you a better PM unless you apply it somewhere.

Otherwise, I'd end up watching random YouTube videos, which sometimes give me massive brain fog. I discover new blogs by reading old ones, and there is just too much cool content out there to cover!

As for reading them, I use an RSS Reader to keep up with new articles. I find it to be a better alternative to email subscriptions. I'll talk more about this in a future post.

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